We’re on a mission!

Our aim is to help cancer patients and survivors reduce fatigue, gain energy, and improve quality of life. The Untire app has been proven effective in helping over 35,000+ individuals better manage cancer fatigue.

How do I access Untire?

We’re currently looking at ways to make Untire available to those experiencing cancer related fatigue in the US. Check in with us in the future to see how you can get access.

Interested in a partnership?

The Tired of Cancer team is working to establish partnerships with healthcare entities throughout the world so more people can access Untire free of charge.

Would you like to work with Untire to help more cancer patients and survivors? Please contact us at info@untire.me.

Questions or comments?

Do you have questions about us, Untire or how it can improve the lives of cancer patients and survivors? Please contact us at info@untire.me.  We’d love to hear from you!